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Please be away from


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Please be away from Empty Please be away from

Post by whale222 on Sun Aug 09, 2015 12:37 pm

I used this website to link one cashback website to purchase. showed there is a high cashback

rate.  They should cash me back $180, but they declined.

I inquired few times, they politically rejected and explained like the below. I did not use any coupon/code, I

did not even click more than one time to link the purchased webiste.

So be away from  They may have a higher rate, but they will not pay.

The reasons behind this declined resolution vary from the following; if a coupon or promotional code was entered

when making your transaction, this can cause claims to decline, we do mention this on every merchant page on

site. If your computer cookies were not cleared before making a transaction another website, pop up advert,

search engine or comparison site can become linked to your transactions and therefore TopCashback will not be

identified as the last click.

To help protect your transactions from a repeat of this occurrence we advise that you clear your cookies prior

to making transactions, this action will hopefully reduce the chance of any unconnected bodies becoming linked

to your order and please do not input any coupon or promotional codes that are not authorized by TopCashback or

that are not listed on our site.

I understand this can be both a frustrating and disheartening experience; I sincerely wish that all your future

transactions have a more positive outcome.

Thank you and I hope you have a nice day."

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